Why Drinking Clean Water Is Important For Your Health

Water is a natural compound or a chemical or a substance that comprises of H2O molecules. These simple inorganic compounds make up almost 55% to 60% of a lean adult human’s body mass. Water is found in every part of the human body occupying a larger volume of many body fluids, cells, and tissues. Therefore, it’s with no doubt that drinking enough clean water brings health benefits. Combined with other nutrients such as minerals and vitamins, water is an important part of a well-balanced diet. There’re plenty of other reasons why it’s healthy to drink water.

Just as a reminder, a well-balanced diet should comprise of:

  • water
  • proteins
  • carbohydrates
  • dietary fiber
  • fats
  • minerals
  • vitamins

Now that we already know that water is essential for a healthy life, let us look at some of the major benefits associated with drinking water. The following benefits don’t necessarily suggest that only water is suitable to resolve any of the mentioned issues.

Top 10 Advantages of Drinking Clean Water

1. Helps in Digestion

Water is a vital biochemical partly due to the fact that it takes part in very many important chemical reactions inside biological organisms. Among these reactions are the digestive processes whereby food is chemically broken down. Defecation is the process that involves the body getting rid of undigested materials that are left within the digestive tract. This process takes place last in the gastrointestinal tract. By drinking enough water, this process takes place smoothly due to the sufficient fluid inside the body. If your gastrointestinal tract had insufficient fluid, you could end up having constipation. Constipation is a usual cause of difficult or even painful defecation

2. For Muscle and Joint Health

Some body structures such as the synovial joints need lubrication to work properly, comfortably and also effectively. In and around the joints some fluids are formed by water. This helps the joints in avoiding excessive friction caused by the moving surfaces, therefore, an easy movement.

On the other hand, muscle tissue needs enough supply of fluids carrying nutrients. These nutrients are useful in allowing and supporting tissue performance, maintaining tissues, and reducing the risk of muscle sprains and cramps. A possible cause of muscle cramps is the lack of enough supply of the required electrolytes in body fluids.

3. Purposes of Weight Loss

A lot of people are planning to cut down on their weight and they could easily do this by making a few lifestyle and dietary changes. Drinking sufficient and clean water can be of great importance due to a few reasons like:

  • Water is a better replacement for certain high-calorie drinks like sodas, sugary fizzy drinks, and alcohol. Some fruit juices could also have high calories but they usually contain essential vitamins that should be added somewhere in a well-balanced diet.
  • Some people become obese because of eating too much for emotional reasons such as in response to a feeling of anxiety. Drinking sufficient clean water can also improve your emotional outlook. This can help in overcoming that specific cause of gaining weight as well as the difficulty of cutting some weight.
  • At times people eat when they feel thirsty instead of when they’re hungry. A good way to minimize this is taking in some clean water instead and then going back to your usual tasks. If after resuming your activity you still feel hungry, you can only eat your snack then; it doesn’t matter if the activity is watching TV or reading. When you follow this procedure, water plays a huge role as some dieters’ appetite suppressant.
  • Water has no sugar, no carbs, no fat, and no calories. Even though all of these should be a part of a healthy diet in the right proportions, it’s widely recommended to drink water as part of reasonable, safe weight loss regimes.

4. To Improve on Your Emotional Outlook

Sometimes it’s said that drinking the proper amount of water can be great for your mental health as well as assist people to stay or be in a good mood. Mental health, emotions, and psychology are big subjects that should never be underestimated. If by taking in a certain amount of clean water is said to be good for your body, and an energetic, healthy and comfortable body is likely to experience a positive mental effect, then it’s more sensible to suggest that drinking sufficient water would cause a positive effect on the emotions too. This is especially true if the person loved drinking the water, for example as a cool stimulating boost in a stuffy workplace or on a hot day.

5. For a Clear Healthy Skin

Those people with dull, dry skin or with some certain skin conditions, drinking more water should be a habit. The main reason behind this is that having enough fluids inside the body greatly assists to renew skin tissues, to make sure that the skin, as well as other tissues, are hydrated enough, and to maintain the skin tissues’ elasticity. If you want to have smooth skin, then water should always be a part of your diet.

6. Physical Performance

During physical activity, water is eliminated from the body in a few ways such as in sweat and the exhaling of more breath, moist, from the lungs while the rate of inhaling oxygen increases. Apart from consuming more body water than sedentary time, physical activity also requires enough supply of fluids throughout the body, particularly to the active tissues. By drinking water such as sports drinks, you’ll help your body to sustain healthy fluid levels as well as make sure that you have taken in the appropriate electrolytes.

7. To Facilitate Metabolism

Water plays a huge role as a solvent or a medium for a lot of chemical reactions taking place in the human body. By drinking the correct amount of water, particularly in the form of chilled, cold or iced-water, it’s usually considered to be an ideal way to assist in improving your metabolic rate. This can, in turn, greatly assist in losing weight as mentioned above.

8. To Enhance Concentration

The brain comprises mostly of water. This means when you drink enough clean water to maintain the fluid levels of your body, you’re also bringing other benefits such as concentration, mental alertness, and analytical tasks. To feel a little sharper, try drinking enough clean water.

9. To Reduce Headaches

Among the many possible causes for headaches, dehydration is usually the cause. This shouldn’t be a surprise since like mentioned above, the brain itself is comprised mostly of water. Take in sufficient water to keep your brain hydrated and to reduce the headaches.

10. For Regulating Temperature

One of the many reasons why your body requires a sufficient supply of water is for purposes of temperature control. Temperature regulation is attained due to water’s thermal properties as well as the efficiency of the body’s release of heat when sweat evaporates from the skin’s surface. You should, therefore, drink lots of water to make sure that your body temperature is controlled.

The above list of the top 10 health benefits of drinking enough clean water is not the whole list. There are other health benefits associated with drinking water such as the reduced risk of specific types of cancers, kidney stones as well as other serious diseases and conditions. However, it includes the most popularly mentioned advantages of drinking clean water. The short explanations show the inter-relationships between most of these advantages of drinking clean water. Therefore, you should keep in mind these benefits and stay hydrated!